My Morning Topics.

Brangelina? It’s trending. They’ve divorced, while I feel sorry for the kids, I don’t feel bad for the couple, what goes around, comes around or is it vice versa? Anyways thats their life and am sure they don’t care about my opinion but their memes are some good entertainment.

Kenyans!!!! Kings and Queens of trolling. KOT ( Kenyans On Twitter) are the reason why I still have a twitter account, I wouldn’t wanna miss a single roast.My fave has been the #SomeoneTellNigerians: How to cross the road in Nigeria; left and right for vehicles, up for aeroplane,down for bomb and sideways for kidnappers? Seriously thaat had me so cracked up.


My friend recently relocated to another county for her internship. She is the closest thing I have to a best friend. We would go shopping and do so many stuff together. Now I miss her. I am a very lazy person when it comes to making new friends. I love my personal space and am very choosy as to who I let in. Now I am stuck between making a new friend( which is not appealing because I’ll feel intruded) and being a loner. The good thing is I am going to be so engrossed in Statistics to even  care but the downside is walking to church alone.

Anyone out there who want to relocate to Nakuru, Kenya? Any volunteers? Someone? Anyone?

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