Taking Stock 1.

Nowadays, I don’t seem to be writing anything but updates, but today am finally back as me. I had lost psyche, I was and is still feeling betrayed by my body and the crazy antics it has been pulling which I admit I am partly to blame. Let’s just say  I will be more regular now.

Watching: The daily show with Trevor Noah, Ellen Degeneres Show, Adeola Fayehun. These shows got me cracking so bad, Lord!

Listening: To Family Radio 316, the songs there inspire me every morning, the preachings and the great insight they offer.

Reading: Missing Miss Mori by Mike Dixon, I got it from a free book site Obooko, you can check it out. I’m so lazy and dragging myself, I’ll try finish it by the end of the week.

Wishing: To go all natural and not relax my hair but natural hair is more expensive to maintain than relaxed hair and guess what, I am a student!

Bucket List: 1: Buy a phone.

2: Buy a phone.

3: Buy a phone.  I seriously need a new phone, Lord. Any wellwishers out there?  Someone? Anyone? Lol.

Can’t wait: For September 27th. My birthday. Yass. Hallelujah! I finally hit 20 years( input dancing). Goodbye teens, Hello adults.

The  Nderi Sarah Family currently has 113 members, I know I didn’t acknowledge you at a 100, blame it on my bad phone, anyways, you are loved, you are prayed for. Let’s hit 200, How about that?

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