Boys Before Flowers.

  Boys before flowers is a Korean  Television series that aired on 2009 in Korea and caught up with me in 2015. First of all, I never knew Koreans could be that handsome( no offense). Those guys are so adorable,  I have just finished repeating and I am feeling extra romantic now ( am all... Continue Reading →



You attack me Based on your insecurities You criticise me As am a replica Of what your life should have been At least at my age You are jaded   You accuse me Of being perfect Of trying to be perfect Only am not   You are righteous I am a sinner Only that I... Continue Reading →

Soldier on.

Keep walking, keep moving.Yeah even when the likes and the views don't add up and you had to grind much or little to come up with that piece, keep going. Somebody out there thinks you are worth the time. Keep walking because it's what you love and it gives you immense pleasure doing it. Soldier... Continue Reading →

The Chipettes.

Yesterday was my birthday, I finally hit 20  years. I received sooo much love and in all that,somebody commented,' God, she's so young.' Which got me thinking that I am so young and maybe in so much hurry to make it in life. Sometimes I am so busy even for myself. So I am going... Continue Reading →


Diamond Platinumz's Salome song..... I always say that Bongo and taarab will be the end of me. Now can I get me a Tanzanian/Coastarian Kenyan charmer to whisper these words to my ears lol. I loooove being Kenyan and moreso East African, na wenye wivu wajinyonge.... Check the song in YouTube Land if you wish.... Continue Reading →

Sun Rays.

Sun rays Pouring through the mountain Seeping through the sea Teasing the thick canopies Seducing the leaves,tendrils And daring them to rise higher.  

Being Dumb to Happiness

You need to stop chasing and be happy. You chase the future till you are tired, you catch it then it catches fire.


chasing dreams

chasing coins

chasing comforts

chasing fame

chasing what’s not mine

chasing what others hold

chasing greedily

chasing blindly

becoming blind to what I own

not chasing a smile

not chasing the beauty

not chasing the values

not chasing peace

being dumb to happiness

the true essence of life


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The Good Of the Land.

Migrating to another country is fine. You are promoted to a better job and they send you overseas and you move to that country single or with family where the pastures are greener and HALLELUJAH! Yeah, you have made it in life brother. However, never, in my opinion feel  or let anyone pressure you to... Continue Reading →

Out of the Nest.

When you are eighteen, and have moved out of your parents house because it's the norm or because you are in campus, you are on your road to discovery. Discovering yourself.  Whichever city/town/county/country you move into, you'll  feel so free and so excited to explore. One of the things in my opinion, you'll explore and... Continue Reading →

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