Semester is over….let’s rock n roll..

A  long heading there, I know (like the list of people I need to cut off from my life)  but another school semester is over. This means more fun,more travelling, less statistics for a while and more music. It also means that I can abuse my body for a while with all coffee types and brands without worrying of insomnia. I know I am supposed to be gone but I am packing now. I hate packing, I never know what to pack. I pack and unpack….


Contentious people rob you your blessings. They want to drag you into draining arguments with no basis. Don’t argue, just shut up swallow the words or lick some envelopes. Arguments generate strife. That aside, I am having some ah-mazing coffee listening to a gospel  playlist and keeping up with your blogs. Men! some of you can write lol.

Goodnight and God bless.


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