Terrible Tuesday….

Nada. Nothing at all. A day ends and you feel you’re still where you were when you woke up. No progress at all. The exam paper today was so harassing. Gives me no psyche at all to read for the next three papers, having in mind I have a Financial accounting paper on Thursday. What is the relationship between accounts and statistics, debiting and Chi-square? Anywho accounts is not my niche. Today is the last day I am updating my blog before I leave and come back on September. We all need to recharge.


Nowadays I talk, talk talk, talk and after I am done talking, I talk more. It’s a habit that is really annoying me. In the multitudes of words are many sins. Gossip, bad jokes, sinful banters and whatnot. I can resort to chewing gum but one doesn’t think when chewing; it’s scientific. I just want to shut up, people must think I am so boring…endless chatter..papapapapa..non-stop.

Talking. Thinking. Meditating. Talking, everyone will now no your plans and when they don’t materialize, a source of gossip. I prefer not speaking of my plans and acting on them. Talking gets the enemy on your heels. Yes, he has no specific target but walks  around looking for someone to devour 1 Peter5:8. When God asked him as in the story of Job where he had been, he said from going to and fro on the earth and from walking back and forth on it. Job1:7. The devil can’t read your heart unless you speak, he won’t know your plans, weaknesses, defeat or victories.

Meditating on God’s word….not yoga… Blessed is He who meditates on God’s word..Psalms1

Thinking on how to achieve my optimum best, to acquaint myself to people who are called to the same cause as I, who know what they want in life, what is expected of them, and how to get it.

Repenting of my self-righteousness, of my thinking of God, of my sins, as I am a sinner. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I know despite my  inadequacies, transgressions, He loves me as He did not strike me dead in my sin. I am His sin, He is my righteousness, and though I sometimes disobey, like a shepherd He leads me back to His fold.  Disobedience is so expensive by the way, the worries, the pain, the guilt. The problem is not God forgiving you; the problem is forgiving yourself. I know everything is working together for my good. One other thing, to those dating/married/engaged, how do you legitimately settle on someone as THE One? beats me…. and I ain’t speaking of hookups or whatever you call them in your country…

Nimeamua kwenda zaidi na zaidi. Nimejipanga hadi nione matunda yake, yale Mungu amewekeza ndani yangu, najua Mungu yuko kazini kunikamilisha. Nasema shukrani kwa Mungu. Ahsante.

Goodbye folks…see you in September. God bless and perfect all that concerns you.


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