Staying away from your Bible makes you more predisposed to sin, to transgress, to miss a mark, to go past the boundaries that God has kept. Boundaries  that  we should not sin, boundaries that keeps us away from trouble, disaster, for the scepter of wickedness shall not lie on the lot of the righteous unless the righteous reaches out for it.

Do not be too busy in your schedules for God; it is for your own good. God can replace someone who doesn’t commit to his destiny, who looks back into the past as to see his past sins and go back to them. If you are planning to do something and that inner voice, yes, that voice which some of us are familiar with says you should not do and your heart is grieved; don’t proceed to do it,

Sometimes God can use force to discipline us even though He has other ways, as He did Johnah.A journey that could have taken 11 days from Egypt to Canaan took the Israelites 40 years. God made them go around a mountain as they were a rebellious stiff-necked people. Listen to His voice as when He uses force, it will hurt.

What happens when you look back to sin? You might go through a dry period, spiritual wilderness. The presence of God is not felt even when you pray. As God hates sin and cannot look upon it, He might hide His face from you; as He did when Jesus carried our sins on the cross and great darkness engulfed the earth.

Our God is loving, seeing that even in our sins He did not strike us dead, but continues to envelop us in His abounding Love, but as Paul says, we are not to keep crucifiying Jesus. We are not to go back to the sins of old. Repent, and pray that He blots out your sins and pray for forgiveness  as the Psalmist says in Psalms51.


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