Today in the morning on my way to school, I was listening to Family Radio 316 and the Pastor was talking about a place called there.

Everybody wants to get there.We all want to get there. We look around us and everybody seems to have gotten there. You go to Church, look around and everybody seems to have gotten there. You meet your former collegemates and buddies and they too, seem to have gotten there.

Well; Ran your own race. When the grass always looks greener on the other side, it’s time to water your own grass. Uknowingly to you, according to someone else you have gotten there. To some other people, your life is an epitome of what they would like theirs to be.

Nevertheless, people will dress well, look nice and will hide their own imperfections and troubles. Besides, behide every glory there’s a story, unless juju(witchcraft) was used to get “there” which also is a story. The place called there, in my opinion, well no one ever gets there.

You  pray and work hard for more and when granted, sleep evades you as you ponder on how to multiply and protect it. Man is basically insatiable. Man wants the best car, best designer shoes, clothes etc. It’s not a crime to want the best, but we miss out on the best moments while we ran after material things.

Live in the present. Enjoy each moment. Above all, be contented. If you are anxious of tomorrow, you are living in the future. If you are wallowing in your mistakes, you are living in the past. If you are content, you are living in the present.

Reading Isaiah60,61

Listening to Tomorrow by Unspoken.

I give an inch to doubt and worry

They take a mile and wreck the story.

I chase the future till am tired,

I catch it then it catches fire.

I don’t wanna miss,

This day cos it’s a gift.

I can’t miss a chance,

To leave it in your hands.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds,

I’m learning how to let it go,

Jesus you are in control,

Of my tomorrow,



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