I have seen a great evil

Where men build legacies and empires

Wake up early, sleep late

Then all that is taken away

Life humbles them,

And keeps all they had at bay


I have seen a great evil

Where all things  come alike to all

To the righteous, to the wicked,

To the good, to the sinner,

To he who takes an oath

As he who fears an oath.


This an evil thing

That one things happens to all

The heart of the sons of men

Are full of evil

You know not their reaction when

Pushed to a corner.


Madness is in their hearts while alive

Afterwards they go to the dead

There they know nothing

They have no more reward

For the memory of them is forgotten.


Live your life

Remember God in the days of youth

Walk in the sight of your eyes

In the ways of your heart

Enjoy life with the wife of your youth,

But for all these there will be judgement.


Remember your creator  before

Your silver cord is loosed

Or the golden bowl is broken

Or the pitcher is shattered at the fountain

Or the wheelbarrow is broken at the well.


Then your spirit will rise

To God the giver

And  the dust will return

To the earth as it was

“Vanity of vanities,”

Says the Preacher

All is vanity.





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