Update! To dumbness.

It is another happy day for me, It’s almost end semester and I can smell home. As you have read from my previous posts, I am a Christian, 3 years old in salvation and once  in a while I posts something from the Bible. You don’t have to agree with me. Disagree, agree, be indifferent; it’s your call but I don’t see why anyone would start namecalling, and trying to pull me down or something. If you have to do it, there’s a healthy  and mature way to do it. Enquire why I wrote what I wrote. If I read a posts and I don’t like it , I leave it. I don’t go around spreading negativity and bad mojos.

I will never start a keypad fight with anyone and get agitated because that’s not me. It’s God’s Word not mine, but you will probably go in the comment section as you disagree  with this and write me  a 3000 argurment of how I am basically wrong and you’re right and how stupid I sound and how ignorant I am. With all due respect, take several seats.

You feel enraged because basically I am of a different opinion than you, and you’ll probably be feeling the same when another person posts their views about loud chewers, facial hair, sexual orientation,snorers etc. You don’t wish to understand my views, No. You are the only one  entitled to one. Then comment with another 15000  words as you feel you left out key important points. Then feel good about yourself  as you wait for a reply detailing why I wrote what I wrote in an enraged tone and when I don’t, you feel your intelligence slowly slipping into a comma.

You go through yours and my comments again and feel intimidated, your arguments having no basis and you don’t even  understand what I meant but anywho, let’s just use stronger and bitter words. Removing a digit from your IQ  you post another 500 argument, this time you might mention my typos.Seriously!! If I was of the world, which am not I would probably tell you to take the gadget you are using and shove it up your arse but lets not go there.

I am human,  I am bound to make mistakes but in Christ there is perfection of all things. Correct me, I try to be humble enough to take correction, but correct me from the Word. You don’t know the Word?  Logically and respectfully share your opinion with me, and some people will do this and will have a great exchange afterall that’s what the comment section is all about.

Seriously, this might be exhausting, had you asked what is my stand, why and how did I come to that stand, I might also learn and know a thing about you. But no, you probably don’t give your friends/acquitances/family that chance so I can forget about it, afterall you don’t know me personally.

Anyway its 10 minutes to 4 pm in Nairobi, I am having chapatti with coffee and the sun is amazing. Sorry about this rant, maybe it  will shock people who know me personally  and those whom  we have bonded through WordPress but humans, like chemicals, have breaking points; and patience is a virtue I am still cultivating.  You can also call me names, post ridiculous comments  sharing  your inner thoughts of how dumb I do  sound, how unchristian my rant is, and that you not sharing my views, opinion or faith are better than me.LMFAO might also work. Good evening.


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