To all readers out there, don’t feel obligated to like when you’ve not read the content of the post or in bid  to build egos. Your comment, in my opinion, is more valued than a superficial like, because maybe you feel the need to  build yourself a loyal army of readers or followers.

Keep up with blogs when free, lying down or sipping some good coffee after a hot shower, or whatever you do when you  to unwind, that way you’ll also enjoy it. If you’re not into a blog’s content, in my opinion, don’t give that superficial like or comment whereby you read the last section or whatever of the post. Doing this doesn’t make blogging fun,reading and commenting and sharing insight is what does.

This is not a rant and no offense meant to anybody, I just felt the need to share. God bless you.


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  1. That’s so true. I’ll be honest here. I’ve done this quite a lot. But, also, later I feel terribly guilty about it. What’s the point of this? Then I think, if I want others to read my whole content, then I should give them the same, first. That’s the reason I’ve been taking a time off to balance my posts and reading time so that I can truly contribute towards the other’s work, genuinely.

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  2. I totally agree. I do my best to give feedback on entries. The comments and responses are what make things personal rather than just superifical likes. Same reason I hardly ever use the like button on Facebook.

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  3. I get sooooooo many of these! my peeve are the ones that like as soon as I post, it’s really deflating on my confidence and it’s like uh okay I spent half hour editing and they didn’t even read what?

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  4. I have spent a lot of time reading through most of the content of all the people I follow. I even forget to like but leave my comment at the end. I have even realized I differ with the opinions of the author most of the time. At times I feel my comments are too long and perhaps I should be told of a way to convert them into blogs.

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