The Word. Forever Live#2

But what I do have is good news.

For my God knew,

Many many words would never do

For words are just tools that we use ,

To point to the truth.

So He sent His son Jesus Christ as the Word

Living proof.


He is the image of the invisible God

The firstborn of all creation

For by him all things were created

Giving nothing to this formation

And by His Word He sustains

In the power of His name

For  He’s before all things

And over all things He is

Holy is His name so

Praise him for His name


The way He persevered His strife

The humble son of God

Becoming the perfect sacrifice

Praise Him for His death


That He lovingly adored the grave

That he bound the enemy and on the third day rose in victory

He’s everything that was promised

Praise Him as your living King


Lift your voices and sing

For one day He will return for us

And we will finally be united

With our saviour for eternity



So it’s not just words that I proclaim

For my words with


And the Word has a name

Hope has a name

Joy has a name

Peace has a name

Love has a name

And that name is JESUS CHRIST

Praise His name forever.


The whole forever live is a poem performed by Brian Johnson on Kari Jobe’s Forever live. The poem is written by Isaac Wimberley (in case you thought it was mine) and the song and the poem are really a blessing.



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