Caesar Couture stuns with ss16

To all who say and think that we wear hand outs in Africa…. Surprise!

Style Summit Africa

Caesar Couture, the bespoke men’s clothing line based in Lagos – Nigeria, has finally launched their Spring Summer 2016 collection and no one can stop talking about it!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about the company behind this collection. The brand “Caesar Couture” is known for exquisite tailoring services and refined design silhouettes of tuxedos, patterned suits, single breasted and double-breasted suits as well as traditional clothing. It was established in the year 2000 by owner and designer, Esosa Ogedegbe (popularly known as Caesar) because of his love for fashion and bespoke clothing (custom-made clothing). The label currently makes clothing for men, but Caesar shared with us that they have plans to diversify into female clothing in the near future.

It is a well-known fact that the Nigerian fashion industry has grown extensively and it is always refreshing to find a label that is able to maintain its…

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12 thoughts on “Caesar Couture stuns with ss16

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      1. Really? Ugh I’m glad I didn’t read that post because it would have just annoyed me. It’s because of stereotypes like this that Style Summit Africa exists. We need to show the world that style is Africa can’t be put in an Ankara box! There are so many false notions about Africa and it’s harming the designers and manufacturers who are trying to go global with their brands

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      2. It was a Kenyan Newspaper talking about the negative views of the African Fashion industry and whether to discontinue or continue buying Second-hand clothes in view of such negativity.

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