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Kenyans on Twitter(KOT), Kenya’s internet Special Forces, Army, Soldiers etc.Ready to rise to the occasion of defending their country against character assasins, mudslingers and  tribal stereotypes and anything else that deem fit to be analyzed and dissected.

Kenyans are very patriotic especially in the comfort of their homes on their keypads and with a hashtag to boot, ask CNN, Nigeria, Botswana, Zimbambwe,South Africa to mention a few who have found themselves on the receiving end of their fury due to some dishonouring comments on the country or lack of courtesy if I might say.

Someone tell CNN

Kenyans are most vociferous when it comes to twitter wars. Oh, those twitter wars are so entertaining giving me some sick pride of being Kenyan. On those days , I get popcorn and just get myself prepared for a week long laugh.

Jonny Andersen, a Norwegian has been appointed as the MD to head Kenya Airports  Authority following the sacking of Lucy Mbugua over corruption claims, political interference and canversing for over an year, taking twitter by storm for two days. Kenyans took to twitter, agreeing and disagreeing,making wisecracks and slinging mad.

Which begs the question from many tweeps; Is there not a qualified Kenyan to head KAA, that they had to employ a foreigner?  Why on the same day he is appointed, Makau Mutua is not shortlisted for the post of The Chief Justice of Kenya,having shown Kenyans to some extent, I think, of his capabilities? I don’t know. Reports show that he emerged first among those interviewed so if he has the credentials, let him lead and we will judge, irrespective of his race, afterall the world is a village they say.

Some, having not an idea who the mzungu was asked if he had died while others thought that Arsene Wenger had assigned a new player.

I think people should jugde from how he delivers and transforms our airports and hope that he being a foreigner, is neutral as tribalistic Kenyans have trust issues and sterotypes. They should trust that he got the job as he has credentials and see what he has to offer.

Hello there, I have not been visiting this internet world much due to tight schedule. But will most certainly do maybe in the weekend but I appreciate the love you guys are giving me even in absentia, meanwhile am working on two posts #Dreams and # “Damu Nyeusi”( Black blood) on being black, in the wake of murders of my brothers and sisters in the US and struggle for emancipation, freedom and basic human rights which enrages all people of colour irrespective of their origin or place of stay.

Stay tuned!



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