#Someone tell South Africa: Hell hath no fury like a Kenyan ‘scorned’

A good coverage of our KOT army.

Heart, Depth and Soul

Kenyans On Twitter otherwise known as KOT are a very special breed. They are particular on who they choose to ‘love’ or ‘hate.’ And they are fickle too; today you may savour their love and tomorrow get smothered by their hate.

Kenyans may be divided along other lines but when it comes to twitter battles, they lick each others wounds and attack with everything they got. They are joined together by mutual determination: how intense they can massacre people on Twitter, from Kenyan self proclaimed socialites like Vera Sidika to countries that unconsciously make Kenyans an enemy.

Social media has become an indispensable platform, no doubt, and Twitter battles have become KOT’s Holy Grail. Make no mistakes, KOT are the real villains of twitter. Maybe not in the classical sense of the world, but they know how to make an evolved country like South Africa look like Africa’s joke.


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3 thoughts on “#Someone tell South Africa: Hell hath no fury like a Kenyan ‘scorned’

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    1. Yeah, you should check how they messed with Museveni after he stepped out from his entouraged, sat on a chair, by the road side to make a call. Termed as #M7 challenge.Hilarious. Actually better than a comic movie.

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