Updates. Swah!l!.

Hello, fellow esteemed bloggers, I am probably not going to update this blog as frequent as I do as I got to concentrate on my studies, but I will be sure to keep up with your posts.

In the meantime I am having a delicious chocolate cake with God knows how many calories but you only live once.

Check out my other posts in my archives and be sure to follow my other blog, Jesuslovesyou2016,somewhere in the discover but I will share the URL later. It’s almost midnight here so goodnight and God bless.

Any Swahili bloggers out there? Would looove to know you through your blogs or any one conversant with the language.I am yet to see a Swahili blog and unfortunately WordPress doesn’t offer a search button or maybe it does and I am technologically impaired.

Follow, like, comment, Follow on facebook, instagram… Keep the conversation going.

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