Yes. Those naked spawnlings of the devil. And I dare say spawnlings of the devil. Witches and wizards running about naked, and flying in the night in bid to deprive us of sleep following some bizarre tradition.

Those naked dancers to strange tunes and dancing styles that include throwing stones and rotten eggs on our roofs and windows. Who run up and down in the middle of the night and in the wee hours of the morning, like witches from the midnight dances and orgies.

They that are the root cause of hearts beating and pounding so hard, like the West African tom tom drums, threatening to burst open our ribcage and our blood vessels with adrenaline. They that knock on your glass window at night with a copper coin you are almost seeking refuge in Church.

Yes. Them.

This is not a folklore, no, these witches and wizards exist and wreck havoc in the night. They will make sure that you are awake and shitting in your pants especially if you are new to that region.

This is exactly what befell Kamau an aspiring teacher from the Central regions of Kenya who enrolled in a popular teachers college west of Kenya and Homa bay to be precise. He travelled across Kenya to the college and couldn’t sleep for a week as their house was haunted according to him.

After enquiring from the locals,  he and his fellow tribesmen were told of the horrifying stories of the witches and wizards and they must not cross them unless they want to be sent to see Jesus on an express train.

They quickly decide to forget about it, after all they were not the only new students from another region. It became visible after two days that they could not sleep, thus they hatched a plan.

The night of the third day they waited for the wizard to start his midnight trance. They had mapped the corridors in which he/she coursed through and decided to unmask him. One guy was assigned to be on the standby by the socket while two guys sleeping opposite to each other on the lower deckers were to hold a rope.

This night,the nightrunner was extra filled with the devil’s spirit, running and stopping to shake, dance, tap his feet on the floor, make traditional eerie sounds my friends, such that Kamau and his comrades start wondering if they are dealing with more than one nightrunner.


There he is on their corridor and as he approaches, deep in the confines of darkness, the rope is pulled then, a thud! The lights are switched on and Alas! the naked nightrunner meets his judge and jury, all his classmates.






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