I met Moha, (short for Mohammed) in town last Saturday around six o’clock. From the look of things he was from the mosque; wearing a white kanzu (thawb), a white kufi hat (taqiyah) plus he was enjoying the festivities outside the mosque this being the month of Ramadan.

What made him stand out from the rest was maybe the alibaba sandles that he had ardoned himself, and he seemed to be enjoying his mahamri with relish.

Please note that alibaba shoes are not the snickers you buy from Alibaba the shop, no. They are the shoes that are drawn in the open sesame, close sesame story book or in the work hard, play hard song video by Ne-yo and David Guetta.

I was caught staring, quite fascinated by the shoes I might say, but the moment we made eye contact I was almost literally running. He caught up and was inviting me to the festivities which I declined, not being in the mood to argue out Quran and The Holy Bible as I had seen happening.

So Moha starts ‘throwing mistaris’, that I look more brown, tender and sweet than those mahamris he had been feasting on; and he doesn’t think he’ll eat them again now that he has found me. Of course, I am not one to be moved by words, from a roadside stranger; what? I am a student in the university, Economics and Statistics, BSc with simply no time to play the game of love.

I eye Moha quizzically and ask him whether the town is in shortage of Fatumas and Khadijahs. He smiles and start a slow serenade that throws me off my game. I mean, if a guy has that lazy, coastal  Swahili accent, sings like Diamond and my friend singing taarab is an added advantage to you and a bonus, Chei?

Surely, surely  the devil is a liar, so is his mother in law, this serenade is getting to me.I decide to run a few verses in my brain to counter this taaarab to no avail, that I end up being late of getting home. Apparently Moha works with  a big hotel in Mombasa, Kivu hotel, but do I say!

So today I went to have some tea in my fave Cafe after classes and met Mohammed there, with a folder full books. Turns out he is a student at Mount Kenya University. Hmmm, after serenading me to the moon and back. This world is indeed  evil.








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