Romance Fiction.


Finally. The Lord has heard my cry. I lifted my voice and He answered. He has delivered me from my enemies. Yes. He has finally lifted the spell cast by those romance books; for I have been spell bound.

Exquisite, visceral, and extremely mouthwatering . I dare say mouthwatering as the writer will leave you fawning over the guy through their vivid description. You will be awestruck that men like that actually exist. What? With their oozing charisma, extremely deep pockets, an adonis with just the right six packs and abs with the height of a basketball player, say for instance Kobe Bryant.

The writers will leave you to aah and ooh and aww over that character. They will enthrall you in their tales util you feel every heartbreak, every stare, every falling out….the whole nine yards. If you went through highschool and did not read the mills and boon’s, silhouette’s or intrigue’s novels; then you did not go through highschool my friend. Highschool went through you.

Those novels actually did a good number on some guys, whose items of desire were convinced that a suitor must be a dashing tall, handsome guy, cruising a buggati and looking as sexy as sin. They, being students had nothing but clipboards to offer were asked to casts their nets elsewhere. Poor blighters.

I am done reading all those romance fiction tales. Yeah. Give me the historic, religion, faith and the greek mythologies now. Anything but romance.

If you catch me reading a romance novel novel now, hit me hard. Hit me in lieu of that lecturer who comes to class three weeks after classes resume. Hit me in lieu of safaricom mobile operators who love eating our credit and data bundles more than they love their food and have us waiting  twenty minutes for an agent to pick up the phone when we call customer care.

Yes. Hit me in lieu of your contacts who add you into countless WhatsApp groups without your consent only for you to wake up to 500 WhatsApp messages. Hit me in lieu of that facebook user who engages you in draining  meaningless chats and when faced with no reply, tells you that pregnancy is not “transmitted” via chatting.

Yes. Hit the lights out of me.



















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