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Hello, fellow esteemed bloggers, I am probably not going to update this blog as frequent as I do as I got to concentrate on my studies, but I will be sure to keep up with your posts. In the meantime I am having a delicious chocolate cake with God knows how many calories but you... Continue Reading →



Yes. Those naked spawnlings of the devil. And I dare say spawnlings of the devil. Witches and wizards running about naked, and flying in the night in bid to deprive us of sleep following some bizarre tradition. Those naked dancers to strange tunes and dancing styles that include throwing stones and rotten eggs on our... Continue Reading →

The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

There was a young woman who said I thought I would be happier wed But my husband is old, and remarkably cold So I sleep with a candle instead.     I love this play by Berltolt Brecht,  the above is an excerpt, it is a must read and it is very entertaining.


I met Moha, (short for Mohammed) in town last Saturday around six o'clock. From the look of things he was from the mosque; wearing a white kanzu (thawb), a white kufi hat (taqiyah) plus he was enjoying the festivities outside the mosque this being the month of Ramadan. What made him stand out from the... Continue Reading →

What Students See When They Look at Algebra

Do this problems lool familiar? What unit of maths did you dread?

Math with Bad Drawings

Case Study #1: Brackets.


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Crushing Crush.

She lingers in what has been, To him a faze. She hungers for what has been, To him a bother. How very asinine of her to have been deluded By his smile that left her dazed He sought of her bestie But to him she's not She wants to tell him all that unfolded All... Continue Reading →

Funny African Proverbs

I had to do this…

Sarah nderi

elemaasailife is full of questions, idiots are full of answers

A man without culture is like a zebra without stripes

A monkey does not see it’s own ass( a monkey will laugh at a fellow monkey’s ugly ass)

Never underestimate the power of silly people in large numbers

No matter how hot anger is, it cannot cook

A child can play with its mother’s breast, but not its father’s testicles

There is no virgin in a maternity ward

He who swallows a coconut must have complete trust in his anus

If the sun claims superiority over the moon, let it shine at night

He who sleep with itchy anus wakes up with smelly fingers

The frown on the face of a goat will not prevent it from being sold

There is no greater injustice than when anus farts, head receives a knock

He who educates a man educates an individual…

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Weeping may endure for a night Joy comes in the morning Emotions shut my heart tight And finally with a stiffled sob and mourn Geysers and eruptions of deep emotions Send me in a weeping roller coaster Which goes on without an end until It's energy, hot molten tears mingled with gasps of air eventually... Continue Reading →

His Call

Refusing to answer His call We sigh with a breaking heart Knowingly we don't, but our doubts be against all His purpose, destiny, and blessings for our lives.   In our refusal Our labour wearies us Spending our time in futility We growl like bears Our shortcomings ever before us And we know them We... Continue Reading →

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