Good reads.


Hello fellow esteemed bloggers, what are you all reading  as of this time? I love a good book in bed, sipping coffee or  sour porridge( millet, sorghum, maize,…the whole mix) with a pen and a notebook; after a long relaxing bath.

Please recommend some good reads.

Thanks xoxo.


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  1. I’m completely in awe of Haruki Murakami these days.. reading Kafka on the shore, and the Norwegian woods… he write a bit off from mainstream but if it’s your thing you’ll love it like anything..

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  2. Hello Sarah, thank you for the follow! I’m glad you love books – so do I. just now I’m reading “The Nice Thing About Strangers” by one of the bloggers I’m following, Paige Erickson. Short rreflections on ordinary people she met. Love it.

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  3. I have many, many, but I will have mercy and provide 3 titles;
    For adventure, SciFi and romance: The Monster Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
    In my opinion, his best individual work (the others are series).
    Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, which has never been done any credit on the screen as film. All disasters (film versions). It has been ripped off, but it was the first, which spawned many attempts at imitation. A good start.
    And finally, “Gone Tomorrow” the best Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. The character is best epitomized in this story where the odds are against him, and now he has helped two people in law enforcement in combatting this powerhouse of evil, and it being their turn to reciprocate they sorrowfully tell him he cannot depend on them, as one of them says (echoing the title..) “You could be gone tomorrow and no one will miss you” they however have ties to this life, his loner lifestyle is no better emphasized than in this book.
    If you have trouble obtaining them through a free library, try They are cheap but postage will be another story, unless you have online resources closer to you. But keep in mind that if they function as brokers you will pay their fee plus the regular postage. Just a possibility to be on the lookout against.


    1. Thanks.I would spend my life in the library for the love of books. I’ll search for them there or at Obooko.
      I am currently rereading Beyond The veil by Alice.C Wagner for any Christian who wants to go beyond the veil with prayer and intercession.
      I also read romance fiction and novels by Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon and renowned african writers.Thanks

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      1. You’re welcome, I think you like literary stuff, aside from Christian and romance. So you might want to start with the first title as it is, though adventure, very stirring in the area of romantic love and sacrifice. How does a woman get past the fact that a man, though beautiful externally, has not a soul, for he is the result of an experiment. She is repulsed by this fact. But then throngs of evil have succeeded for various lecherous reasons in her kidnapping. And who gathers together 12 of his creator’s monsters to go after this hoarde, number 13, the one success in the endeavors to create life. Having been repulsed by her for not having a soul, before he sets out to rescue her with his band of monsters he says (after asking himself, “what is a soul”) “She she will be my soul”. It will have you shaking and in tears by the end. Happy ending.

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  4. Personally, I think this is a good idea of yours, asking people for books which impressed them. In my mind, I see more people jotting down titles……

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  5. Sarah,

    If you enjoy Christian fiction, Francine Rivers is an excellent writer. Her Mark of the Lion triology describes first century life and she develops characters so well that they feel like friends before the book is finished. She also wrote, “Leota’s Garden” and “The Last Sin Eater” which are all very good reads.

    Another author from an earlier time is Catherine Marshall. Her writing is compelling and her characters and plots are realistic. She conveys truth throughout her books and my favorite is “Julie”

    I must say, though, that I tend to read nonfiction more than fiction. Since my visit to Kenya last fall I’ve read mostly children’s fiction.

    One other title, To Kill A mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was mandatory reading in high school but I read it recently. The story takes place in the US South during the days prior to the civil rights movement (Pre-1960s). I can’t remember reading a book more well written than this one.


    PS Thanks for visiting my blog

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  6. I just read a book called Red Rising. It’s part of a three book series. Science Fiction and seems to follow the lines of the Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies. But I love the Honor Harrington series by Weber. A strong female lead character. I also like the Valor series, another strong female lead but I can’t remember the author at the moment. If I do remember, I’ll send a post.

    I’m writing my own Sci fi novel at the moment. It’s interesting how writing a novel makes you dissect what you read.

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