Extended Extensions

I am in my room watching a movie. I hear the hinges of the gate complaining and I click my tongue in annoyance. Yes, visitors are welcome, they are in fact a blessing from God. I start appreciating the western culture of calling before you visit, or at least there has to be another way of going about it.

It is rude to show up unannounced. It is rude to assume that I have nothing going on in my life and my schedule is free. She saunters into the compound, arms swaying to and fro, her feet one after another in quick succcession. She knocks on the door once, twice; I drag myself out of my cosy bed, place my laptop aside and walk to the living room.

My upper eyelid is twitching, I am not happy.

I am cussing and muttering in my breath. Surely, in this rainy weather, who wants to be cruising around the village looking for someone to visit? I open the door.

“Hello, do you know me? I am your aunt.” She says with a tone that carries comand, a tone of seniority.

I look at her for a few minutes, eyeing her, scanning as if searching for some evidence.She is wearing her african kitenge and headscarf. She probabaly forgot the gere( also known as the Arie Rogo Manduli hat).

I stop staring and inform her that I don’t know her as we’ve probably never met. By the looks of things I can see that she intends to spend a night or two. She removes her shoes and deigns to come in as it is clear I am still puzzled. God really hooked her up with my being home which is rare, otherwise she’d be stranded as my parents are working.

I have been praying for patience for a long time. Using the Lord as my strength I engage her in small talk. She spends the next 5 minutes explaining our relations.

Extended extensions of relatives. They visit you so many times until you are wondering whether nothing goes on in their lives. The Bible warns that constant visits wear your hosts and make them tired of you, and damn! ain’t I tired. Don’t be that annoying relative whom nobody wants to see again until christmas or until someĀ  other occasion. Suddenly, you are a pebble in the shoe, a thorn in the flesh. A flea. A flea that someday will be squeezed between thumbs, thrown on the ground and pulverized by the shoe.







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  1. Reading this, I assumed it was true. Then, when I read Libby’s comment about your “story”, I wondered if it’s fiction. I wonder if allowing a relative to drop in unexpectedly and stay five nights is typical for your culture. You have a lot of patience and a very interesting blog.


    1. Unfortunately it is not fiction. The african kinship is very close and though annoying, it is typical that a relative whom you’ll probably never remember how you are related drops in. One would deem your western ways rude, to have to call in but I like it lol. Gives me time to come up with excuses.


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