I am in the village, The Kenya Power and lighting Company recently pruned some trees that had been cutting off power. Now my neighbour decides to “borrow some.”

She designs, she plots then decides to use our neighbour’s kids to do her dirty work.She had probably spent the whole night pondering over that load of firewood. Now the kids are innocent as Jesus says that whoever misleads this little ones will be punished.

The good thing with kids is that once caught they will quickly rattle out everything like a radio on new batteries. They quickly narrate how they were instructed to pull some  wood from the fence.A thief has forty days, only this was not her fortieth, maybe her third. I don’t know how she will ransom her 37 days. Normally in the village, people will fight.

Yeah, women mostly.

They will slap, bite,  kick and tug at each others hair. They will race each other and scream they are being killed. They will box each other John Cena style, throw shoes and sufurias at each other. They will go at each other mammaries, I tell you it will be ugly.

I once witnessed women fighting over a man, tugging at those lesos and shukas in bid to get to the skirts that couldn’t keep either of their legs covered.

They tugged at each others braided hair while the man watched. One then deciced that since she is the first she might as well secure her position.She went to the man and got hold of that weapon of mass destruction, his phallus. Now the man would not free himself of her. She was then pulling and tugging at it as if her life depended on it. The police had to  intervene as a crowd had formed to enjoy the free cinema.

Stealing firewood is petty, borrow and it shall be given unto you; but then again borrowing is a function of pride, self importance and self reliance.







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  1. thanks for sharing this experience. Even though the theme is universal, the stealing, the innocence of childhood, but the setting and circumstances in which it happens makes it unique…

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