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Hello fellow esteemed bloggers, what are you all readingĀ  as of this time? I love a good book in bed, sipping coffee orĀ  sour porridge( millet, sorghum, maize,...the whole mix) with a pen and a notebook; after a long relaxing bath. Please recommend some good reads. Thanks xoxo.  


Extended Extensions

I am in my room watching a movie. I hear the hinges of the gate complaining and I click my tongue in annoyance. Yes, visitors are welcome, they are in fact a blessing from God. I start appreciating the western culture of calling before you visit, or at least there has to be another way... Continue Reading →


I am in the village, The Kenya Power and lighting Company recently pruned some trees that had been cutting off power. Now my neighbour decides to "borrow some." She designs, she plots then decides to use our neighbour's kids to do her dirty work.She had probably spent the whole night pondering over that load of... Continue Reading →

Black Messiah

He is at their beck and call Satisfying all their whims They, being the cause of his fall Run his life like a film Pause, play and fastfoward He is their black messiah Shed all his salary and sweat Not minding the sanity of kids he sired That not so much a messianic trait.  


25 minutes to 9 am. I don't feel like waking up this morning. It's cold as can be in this mountain slopes. Somebody give me a reason to wake up. First excuse me as i cuss the s**t out of everything and scream. There. Thanks I crawl back to bed hastily to escapethe cold air... Continue Reading →

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