So I have been so busy to blog with exams everywhere.I have  tried to keep up with some blogs but not all , today I finally will.

While I have been so busy to blog, I haven’t been so busy for youtube lol.I  watch some Afro Beats, this songs are so entertaining. They got millions of views plus you don’t have to be  african to be entertained.

I am from East Africa but the music I listen to cuts across Africa, and especially west african music.

I  want to recommend to you Fuse ODG’s songs(azonto,tina, million pound girl, dangerous love, etc). He is of Ghanaian descent.

Diamond  Platinumz,Alikiba, Sauti sol, Elani are my east africas favourites.

Watching this makes me feel so proud of being African.

I recommend Fuse ODG’s songs for anyone feeling down and bored. You will wish you could dance.

Please checkout those real awesome videos and get back to me.



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  1. this is nice set of recommendations -will surely check out.

    PS- kindly ref0llow me by clicking on the avatar and going to my blog. my old wordpress blog isn’t working any more. thanks. 🙂

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