A Paradox She Was…

A must read.There is life in every sentence.Your mind lingers on each word.



Chords of the euphonious quietude were cushy and undisturbed.. The predominantly occupied chairs around the canteen tables were vacant at that hour. It was way past lunch time..They had ensconced themselves on the not- so-commodious beige coloured chairs on the opposite sides of the ease – edged table – facing each other.. The only source of light, switched on at that time, was the one above them.. His eyes were glued to the mobile screen.. Fingers busy scrolling through the sentences; paragraph after paragraph.. He was completely engrossed in reading through her elusive and unfeigned thoughts worded  mesmerizingly.. 
   She waited anxiously for his remark on her earnest attempt to pour her heart out.. It was the first time she had let him read her piece of writing.. She rested her head on the cold metal tabletop, picking at her cuticle skin..She didn’t know whether or not he will like…

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