The Pain of a Stereotype


It’s a Monday morning and I sit to read my all time favorite crazy Monday. I come across this article describing Kikuyu women from Ethaga, Akiuru or Ambura clan. The writers describe them as very beautiful and charming but are dogged with a ‘curse’ of sorts. It reminds me of my relationship that ended seven months ago.

We had just dated for a month when he insisted to know my clan. I thought he was joking because, at this age, who still bothers about mihiriga and mbari? He does not even know how to speak the language. So I dismissed it and until he brought up the issue again, did I get interest to ask my dad. “You are an Ethaga”, he had told me. I did not know how much this answer would later cost me.

The next time he asked me about it, I enquired to know…

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