The Next Tryst


Eager to enjoy the beauty of his looks
I decided to visit the caff again.
All my shyness withered away
As soon as I saw his visage.

He was talking to a customer,
With a broad grin,
That really took my heart away
As I came through the doorway.

I knew he was gaping at me,
Still I didn’t look into his eyes
‘Cause I saw that longing for me
I wished for, since my first cry.

We had few moments
When our eyes met,
I looked away while my
Inner goddess crept.

It seemed our hearts were now tangled
It felt there was some connection.
Only then can such instances happen.
It wasn’t just an attraction.

When I headed towards my car,
I felt his eyes on me.
I looked back for a glimpse
And found him staring already.

- - –


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