The enemy within

There are more than 40 tribes in Kenya classified into bantu speakers, nilotic speakers, cushitic speakers and people of asian descent. Now we all speak Kiswahili as our national language. We Kenyans are united when it comes to fighting say an enemy like the alshabbab or  the attacks on our integrity by CNN or Fox but tribalism separates us.

Our actions are judged depending on tribes.

Just because a kikuyu stole doesn’t mean all kikuyus are thieves. I will have you know that I am an honest kikuyu who  has a great body( unlike those body-shaming memes that circulate everyday about kikuyus).

In fact I will further say that kikuyus are the chosen jews in Kenya, loved, hated and envied in equal measure.I think that the relationship between the kikuyus and the other tribes has been  damaged beyond repair.The post election violence that saw many kikuyus slain and homeless contributed a lot.Kikuyus don’t view themselves as a tribe rather as the owners of the nation; and you can tell  in their manner of speech.This would be because the country owes a lot in terms of it;s freedom from the white colonialist to kikuyus.I only need to mention the MAUMAU and you will figure it out.

If something is done that seems unkikuyu, and conversations and debates rise,  a kikuyu will most likely say that, ucio ni kabila which would translate to that’s a person from some tribe, don’t mind them.

Every  Kenyan will confess that kikuyus have an upperhand in business and are very prosperous.We make up to 22% of East Africans and 9.9 million kikuyus in Kenya

Now a person might argue that this is because the First president of kenya took all the resources to central Kenya(schools, universities and industries), kikuyus cradle land. Then ask them of the many irrigation schemes started in the western part of Kenya and they will resort to kikuyus are thieves.

Inasmuch as tribal debates go on everyday, others in light forms while in other cases people are typing furiously in their houses  replying to an insulting comment on facebook;enough is  enough. I don’t think we Kenyans will ever result to violence especially during elections as the ICC really shook everyone up; but tribalism is  still there.

Tribalism is a tool used by politicians, to drive their own political agendas.The tyranny of numbers at work. You have to be supported by the kikuyus and kalenjins in that order to win. When hell breaks loose, it is the common(citizen) mwananchi that suffers.

For tribalism to cease, kikuyus have to play a big role, and people have to stop considering other people’s second names before delivering services.I might not speak on another tribes view concerning tribalism but I can try to speak about my own.

We should be kikuyus, kambas, luos etc in our houses and kenyans when we are outside our houses. That is why we have Kiswahili as a national language and not our respective mother toungues.

It is 2 pm East African time, we have the geographical equinox which is literally baking us and before I go for a swim,Good afternoon.

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