Travel Kenya

I have always loved my country Kenya and so do many kenyans. Well, not all. Some would have wished to be born in other countries or continents. A great number though, are patriotic.  You can tell this by the passion in which kenyans on twitter engage in twitter wars.This overwhelming sense of love hits me most when I am travelling from town to town, city to city.

I think a lot while cleaning utensils in the kitchen( we don’t have a dishwasher, not because this is Africa but because my mom feels that that is too much artificial life) and when travelling.

I especially love the sit next to the window because I get to enjoy watching the wildlife in their habitats. I have spent almost all my life in the great slopes of Mt.Kenya.I love wild animals from the massive elephants to the almost ever angry buffaloes. The things that I long to see while travelling from town to town are animals.

I am pretty sure if I took a holiday, it would be in the Maasai Mara and not at the beach reading a book because that sounds boring.I want to wake up to giraffes looking inside my room and dances by the maasai morans; not to mention wild meat, if they serve any (don’t  judge me)

I once travelled from Nakuru to Narok and my eyes received a real great treat. I am sure some Kenyans can familiarise with this. Narok is about 400Km from the maasai mara plains which houses the seventh wonder of the world. I have not been to the Mara but I plan to.

Basically I am an animal lover, well except for dogs.When travelling I anticipate to see animals. My wish is to buy a Nikon camera and share all the lovely pics with you. I hope santa comes early this Christmas. I know you probably have seen all of them from Nat Geo world, but you should visit and see. Take a safari. Actually, the word safari is a Swahili(our national language) word that is now english.Gives me great confidence when urging you to take a safari.

Nairobi is one of the cities with national parks and orphanages  right at the centre of the city. There is a big difference between animals in disney land and in their reaal habitat. It’s only in the wild where you’ll see the lion chasing the gazelle.


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