Good Grooming

This is what good grooming does, makes you feel so good and confident about yourself.You feel that you own the world and that know one is greater than you. Yeah, you can build a ship at that time. Looking nice and smelling nice feels so good you walk on air. Even the air you breathe smells so fresh you can taste it.

You don’t even mind criticism at that point cos damn you’re the bomb. This is what I am feeling right now as I joggle the streets of Nakuru Kenya, in the great Rift Valley.Like a model on a catwalk, like Cinderella on her weddding to her prince. I feel so good, like a bird soaring so high.I am literally walking on air.

It’s called striving to look good and feel great. That inner self confidence radiating to give me  so much peace love and quiet. Five years ago I would not be writing this, exposing my thoughts to the world. I had low self-esteem and I was wounded.

Now I am a new being in Christ. I can take anything anyone brings me because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You may not share my faith and that is fine. I respect everyone’s beliefs and faith even though I may not agree to it.

So I am going o enjoy this immense delight and to you who is reading this; don’t limit yourself to what people say or think of you. You will only grow as far as you think you can.Dream big. Take your mind places and soon your body and life will catch up. Focus on God and dream. The future belongs to those who dare to dream


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