I am worth more

I am worth more

than being a human ATM

Where every Tom Dick and Harry thinks they can

Put a card in my mouth

And my ass shits money


I am worth more

than being a walking machine

Mop the floor, wash the dishes,do the laundry while

Ungrateful people sit on their asses

Daydreaming, building castles and wishful thinking


I am worth more

than being an emotional baggage carrier

Where Jane Joan and Judy dump their emotions

Financial,emotional, physical and psychological selfishly

Expecting that my now heavy heart

Will influence my accountant


Relate with people maturely

With an honest heart and open mind

With diligence

I am rarely affected by

the immature idiosyncrancies of some

and drama pulled by others

level up












3 thoughts on “I am worth more

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! I wish you could write a little about culture in Kenya and how people live and what their dreams and aspirations are. Not many know such info. Only if you feel like writing that of course

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