Politely wave them on

Have you ever met a very judgemental person? O ne who scrutinizes every step, every decision, every minute detail of your life? You never measure up to their expectations or whatever it is that they have in mind?

Every thing you do is wrong.It could be a friend or a relative and you can not cut them off because:

  1. You love them even though it is suffocating
  2. They  are family or friends
  3. You are a christian and that is not what Jesus Christ would do.

It is hard for you as a person. Every opinion they give is first delivered as criticism,then opinion and judgement, followed by what they would do even though it is not really about them.

Unless there is an ulterior motive or some satisfaction of some sort, I don’t get what a person would get from that;making you feel so unworthy and start reevaluating yourself so much. The person maybe important , you may love each other but for the judged, it is suffocating. For the judgy he/she is riding a high horse of some sort not to recognize the kind of damage he/she is creating with the lack of etiquette and poor communication skills.

Whether important to you or not, politely wave them on and don’t listen to them. At some point they’ll realise it. If not, they are self-centred.

2 thoughts on “Politely wave them on

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  1. Nice post. Being away from such people or blocking them from your life is only the 1st step. Second step is stepping up and becoming so strong that words don’t really affect you. As though they are being said about someone else. It’s a long journey, but worth every effort💚

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