Dear future boyfriend

I am tired, tired of riding the ecstatic hills of romance only to be let down

Tired of feeding your thrill of chasing me ony to be placed  aside

Tired of your pretending to be yoked to Christ only to be in my good books

Tired of your endless and meaningless chats in the hope I will be another statistic in your bed

How many soulmates can one have? For man shall leave his parents and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one.

With how many people shall you become one with?

Should your intentions be noble and honourable, I am not a mind reader.

Can not tell what you don’t say.

As for Jesus, He remains the light upon which my feet will follow.

The strong foundation upon which my relationships, families,happiness, sorrows and basically my life is built on.

If then you are not yoked to him?How will we function? Can two walk together unless they are agreed?[Amos3:3]


2 thoughts on “Dear future boyfriend

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  1. “How many soulmates can one have?” “With how many people shall you become one with?” Great questions that show you take the truth of the Word seriously. The result is that you may find yourself swimming against the current, but not alone. Never alone! God is with you, my sister.

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    1. Yes I am not alone. That gives me courage, greater is He who is in me than he who’s in the world. With I am never alone, nations, tribes, unbelievers shall answer to me as that is my inheritance through Him that bought me with His blood.

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