Diamond 2.jpgListening and watching  Diamond Platnumz song,( nasema nawe )makes me realise that Africans were twerking long before Miley Cyrus came up with that name twerking somehow. He is a talented musician in East Africa and Africa at large and I am always looking foward to something new from Him.

African kind of dancing, though at times provocative, elicits respect in a kind of way. First the women are not half naked and are fully dressed.The dresses are sought of robes.diamond.jpg Though  some have copied the western kind of dance, African dance and music keeps me so entertained.Taarab, we call it, is a beautiful  dance whose rhythm will get even the rigid bodies dancing, it will make your legs so light. The thing is I can never really distinguish between taarab and bongo kind of music but they entertain me with the advice they give and the romance they solicit.

Dance has evolved so much through the decades. From twisting, to what Ellen Degeneres would say,’back that ass up’. Dance, especially in the west has sought of become sex but with clothes on.Technology,having brought the same kind to Africa, makes me wonder where I will bring up my kids.

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