It is a matriarchal society

The school fees is not paid

Yet he is the man, the head of the house

Men are the heads,but women are the necks

Here the neck makes decisions

The head supports the neck

It is a matriarchal society


It is a matriachal society

In which men cook and wash

Sit down to an episode of sex in the city

While women are out there

Beast of burdens they are

Bend their backs while their husbands

Sit cross-legged reading the local gazeti


They will have no more of it

Marriage is no longer marriage

Husbands are married to the brew

The bed is cold and lacks tales to tell

Chei! The world is coming to an end

Men don’t sit, while their wives work

They might as well breastfeed

And wear headscarves

I will speak no more

My goats need tending














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