gratitude 2

It is another day of accomplishments, failures, lessons learnt and lessons ignored. Ignored because of wishes, wishes of could be but as they say, if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Today is a good day. I learnt that i passed some last semester exams well and that gave me a fresh kick of confidence I really needed. A reassurance of normalcy.That something is falling into place. The last weekend was a real bad one. With a serious bout of typhoid and tonsilitis, I discovered how life is really in God’s hands. How life all narrows down to its giver and although some of us may not acknowledge His existense, He loves us and acknowledges us.

I sit smiling at my laptop. My stomach is making that annoying whale sound probably because of the torture it was subjected to the last few days. I don’t mind the sound. It is eleven pm East African Time and no one cares which stomach is grumbling being sound asleep. I know, no I am certain no one wants their stomachs grumbling in front of their crush, or at a meeting but away with my stomach upset.

Today I will sleep with relief and contentment. Relief that I am much better and contented with where my life is and not complain. I want to live my life without complaining,without grumbling, without asking God so many questions and instead be grateful that I am here to ask them.I want to channel that negative energy into positive energy. This way I will enjoy life. I will enjoy the sound of the chirping birds in the morning. I will enjoy the immense delight of the golden sunlight upon my skin. I will enjoy the sound of the hyenas laughing and realize what a blessing it is.

What a blessing it is to listen to hyenas laughing and still accsess WiFi from my room. What a blessing it is to walk on tarmac and still say hi to the elephants and the gorillas. Yes, enjoy the sun set at the horizon taking all my failures with it to bring a new phase tomorrow. This way i will  find fulfillment. I will be able to acknowlegdemy failures and congratulate myself on my achievements. I will be my own cheerleader. There can never be a Sarah like me. I am a once in history event. I want to leave a mark in the African development. When they speak of makers of a nation in that case Kenya,my name should be in bold. When they speak of the continent, my name will be a song on their lips. I want to tap into my inner potential.











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