On Miles Apart

With every stare

My heart does a flip flop

Tell him,I do not dare

My heart gallops

With every piercing look

The eyes speak of unspoken love

His smile brings love and warmth


Love and warmth

I dare not say

Are not familiar to me

For I sleep without sleeping

Such an alliance

I dare not say

Would be an abomination


His voice booms in the lecture halls

Of how humanity dwells

On the trivial that separates

Instead of the fundamental

That unites


The lecturer speaks of variables

My mind wonders to my adonnis

You don’t have to go to Greece

To find one

Just hope when you do

You can come to a compromise


For days

I have loved without loving

Owned without owning

What is love, when not expressed?

We are close, but miles apart

Separated by that not in our hands

What is faith?, what is religion?


Faith and religion

I dare not question

No one catches the dog by the ears

And get bitten not

Betrayal has consequences

Betray my own, I will not

Compromise my stand

I won’t either.





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