Dear future boyfriend

I am tired, tired of riding the ecstatic hills of romance only to be let down Tired of feeding your thrill of chasing me ony to be placed  aside Tired of your pretending to be yoked to Christ only to be in my good books Tired of your endless and meaningless chats in the hope... Continue Reading →



Listening and watching  Diamond Platnumz song,( nasema nawe )makes me realise that Africans were twerking long before Miley Cyrus came up with that name twerking somehow. He is a talented musician in East Africa and Africa at large and I am always looking foward to something new from Him. African kind of dancing, though at... Continue Reading →

The Jumbos

I  am  four years old again and a herd of elephants has  crossed over the stream. The screams and shouts of the villagers wake me up from my sleep, and I can smell old car tyres burning. The villagers descend upon the jumbos, singing, yelling as if in a trance but keep a safe distance... Continue Reading →

A night of roses

Valentines fever is up and about.From the red night of roses at the Villa Rosa Kempinski going for KSHS2.34 million per night; and people actually pay that amount makes me wonder what I am doing with my life. I console myself and decide not to compare my first chapter to someone else's twentieth chapter. I... Continue Reading →


I am addicted Trying to stop I am falling deep Into an abyss A bottomless pit My arms all reaching out To grip what I cannot see My throat is tight I am gasping for air   I  am free But in a cage Trapped by my own desires Trapped by my shortcomings By the... Continue Reading →

It is a matriarchal society

The school fees is not paid Yet he is the man, the head of the house Men are the heads,but women are the necks Here the neck makes decisions The head supports the neck It is a matriarchal society   It is a matriachal society In which men cook and wash Sit down to an... Continue Reading →


It is another day of accomplishments, failures, lessons learnt and lessons ignored. Ignored because of wishes, wishes of could be but as they say, if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Today is a good day. I learnt that i passed some last semester exams well and that gave me a fresh kick of confidence... Continue Reading →

On Miles Apart

With every stare My heart does a flip flop Tell him,I do not dare My heart gallops With every piercing look The eyes speak of unspoken love His smile brings love and warmth   Love and warmth I dare not say Are not familiar to me For I sleep without sleeping Such an alliance I... Continue Reading →


Drip after drip Trickle after trickle Drops of water join To wash away dirt and fatigue Standing under the shower She thinks of the lecturer that didn't come The afternoon sun scorching at its best Seemed to be in cahoots with the lecturer No one wants to walk a long way for nothing One can't... Continue Reading →

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