The burning issue

I login into my facebook account to check my newsfeed for anything to get my mind off the heat of the January sun. It is a sunny Kenyan afternoon and that seems a reasonable thing to do.There is a interesting post on a University facebook group that a friend added me into. A comrades watchdog or rather a defender of the good of his fellow comrades is complaining about sexually transmitted grades.

It is about how some several lecturers have been investigated and found rotten to lecture the owner of the post and his fellow comrades. Whether the said lecturers are guilty or not may not be the issue at hand,as how the ‘investigations’ were carried out we may not know.

The burning issue is how sexually transmitted grades is killing education in Africa.Sexual exploitation has been on the rise and students have now come up with their own terms and conditions.As they say in those Tv adverts,’Terms and condition apply.’Well they have been  applying in African schools leading to those sexually transmitted grades.

There is a slang word ‘BF’ not boyfriend but bordel fatigue, which results from too many multiple sexual activities. Many students across the african continent feel betrayed as those supposed to protect them have turned out to be predators;and leads to school drpouts as a result of harrassment. While boys  suffer corporal punishment, sexual harrassment is carried out on girls not only by the teachers but also by male students.

Kenyan education ministry has launched guidelines on school safety due to rising highschool riots and strikes. Though this could help, we need helplines and watchful adults or bodies of some sort designed to offer help to students.There should be zero tolerance on such grades, and everone should say no to such moral decadence. Where did our African values and customs go?



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