The Midnight Knock

He arrived at mid-night, knocked on the door with no answer. He went to the window and slowly tapped on it. “Nyina [mother of my chidren] open the door”.Groggy-eyed she dragged herself from the bed.She had gotten used to having to open the door for her drunk husband, but everyday felt like the first day.

Sasha coiled and recoiled from her bed. This was one of those moments she dreaded.Her dad was not violent, but his words and ungratefulness stung more. The pain her mother went through hurt a lot.On a good day,the night would pass uneventful apart from the occassional stories from work; about how he had gotten on every one’s nerves.

Being a Christian she prayed and cried in her sleep.If God was a man, she would embrace him and never let go, dwell in his infinite mercy and abounding love. Other nights would be terrible and the arguments would start like whispers then the voices would rise. Sasha’s weeping would also start the same; quietly and then rose as each bitter word was hurled, with each retort her crying got worse and her mother would call out on her to stop.

THOSE WORDS, those words remained engraved in her heart like an epitaph on a toombstone.She wondered what today would be like, outside on the slopes of the great Mt.Kenya, the hyenas seemed to laugh at her,at her predicament. She hugged herself and wished God was a man, or if Jesus could walk among men again, then her wish would come true.She would hug him and never let go.

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