Offense: #1. The Bait

It is not bad to feel offended but to keep offense. Keeping offense is the door to hatred, strife, disappointment, mistrust and emotional wounds. Forgive not because they do/don’t deserve it but according to the level of freedom you want because thinking about it magnifies it and makes it hadder to forgive.

Sometimes we are offended because we want to always have the final say. Our way or the high way, or worse the fist. Other times we are easily offended because the other party knows not what we are going through on a daily basis at times. The easy way out of being easily offended is to quit expecting to be understood, explaining ourselves such that an explanation is expected out of anything we do. No one will fully understand you unless they walk a mile in your shoes. Quit expecting to be understood.

Staying offended is the bait from darkness. Dissecting the argument, every counter attack or answer will poison your soul. It’s tempting to let it simmer while pondering on why they did it, but it simmers, boils and burns. Sometimes you’re mad at people who don’t care and are up and about having a good time.

The devil is out there out to get us. Think of how bad it infuriates him when you reach out to reconcile, being the bigger man and all that. It sure feels like crap at times but the feeling of relief and freedom afterwards is like no other. Over thinking and over reasoning overrides discernment.Don’t think, Just do it.

Go out there, forgive and put a dent in the devil’s plans.

Listening: To Sounds of the saints by Adrenaline

Reading: The Wait by Meagan Good  and Devon Franklin.



When low, act on the Word of God in faith, and your feelings will catch up.

Am Back 

I am not going to apologize for my absence or give reasons for being away. I am however happy to be back. Blogging from the WordPress app which I finally downloaded after much procastination.

I have so many piled up posts waiting to be published so be sure to keep up with my blog.

God bless.


Hello guys, quick question, does anyone in Africa have TWC mail, the kind that you can blog through emails?


Discover not, and disclose not anyone’s secrets.



Gone too soon.


Now that I can finally upload media, I have to pay tribute to a friend who passed  one week to Christmas. I already had a poem but am just going to post a picture. This is not a pity-party y’all.  It was a hard blow but it is well. Rest in peace Biola.

PS: Please do not reblog.