I bathe, In the delightful sun rays. I swirl, In the midst of the wind. I skip, The rain drops. Enjoying the naked feeling of the rays, The smell of wet earth so edible, so delicious, So intoxicating, like that of freshly brewed coffee Delighting in nature like, a child delights in a new toy;... Continue Reading →

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Types of WP bloggers and IG followers.

What's up great people. Happy Saturday, How you doing? (inserts Wendy Williams) Today we're speaking about IG followers and WP bloggers and readers. Follow and unfollow IG peeps : Make up your mind. Are you following or not? A lot of this people want to increase their following without following anybody. People nowadays are more... Continue Reading →

Promises to me, are plans.

Today's prompt is promise. I avoid making promises. Apart from the promises I made to my parents to take care of them in old age, I don't remember breaking any promises or making any. If I made promises to you and you're reading this, remind me because I probably forgot. I forget things I promise... Continue Reading →

The Reflection only shows where You’ve Been.

It's when we become secure in our relationship with God that we begin to allow the past to fall from us as a garment.~ Bishop T.D Jakes, Woman Thou Art loosed. Lengthy title I know but how are you all doing? Today's prompt is Reflection. I am loving this challenge as it has helped me... Continue Reading →

Solitude; Let your toes burrow the sand.

In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to learn upon itself.~ Lawrence Sterne. Today's prompt is solitude. It's the 21st day of the love blog challenge hosted by Brita Long. I'm not a quiet person. I can't qualify to be an introvert. That seat is reserved for my brother Victor, who's quiet to a... Continue Reading →

Black History Month, Wakanda.

It's black history month. I was not going to post anything about it but here we are. In my previous post I mentioned about African stories by African people. Africans need to tell their own story. Africa is a continent not a country, with diverse languages (over 1000), diverse cultures and diverse people. It angers... Continue Reading →

Passions; Let your heart glow.

Today's prompt is Passion. It's the 20th day of the 2018 love blog challenge and so far so good. Passions make your heart glow, with purpose, inspiration, and hope. They lift your strength. My passions are mostly books, travel, comedy, great friendships and music. My parents, especially dad introduced me to novels and pacesetters since... Continue Reading →

Beliefs: Love Blog Challenge

Morning Kenyans and hello world. Today is the 19th day of the love blog challenge and I love the smell of a new week. Last week was a bit meh, but I'm loving the mangoes currently. It's mango season and no fear of malaria can stop me. Todays prompt is beliefs; religious, political, and their... Continue Reading →

Challenges: Long distance realtionships

Today's prompt is Challenges, and more specifically challenges in relationships. The host of the love blog challenge is Brita Long, whom you can find at I would say the biggest challenge that I have ever faced is distance and communication. I beleive that in a relationship communication is key. I am very straightforward and... Continue Reading →

Traditions: Love blog 2018

Happy Friday guys. First of all, I can't believe that it's Friday and the days are really flying. If you haven't started working on your new years resolutions, best get to it. Look at that list again to refresh your mind because I can smell December fast approaching. Traditions, I have a draft about this... Continue Reading →

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